Tuesday, April 8, 2014

# 37: Kyrsten SINnema

Is it merely a coincidence that Kyrsten Sinema has SIN in her name?

Seriously, folks, there's this new Congresswoman in Congress named Kyrsten Sinema.  She's openly agnostic, she's openly bi-sexual... and she's openly ex-Mormon.  And she wasn't just causally Mormon, either, like the musical artist Jewel.  No, Sinema actually graduated from Brigham Young University!  That's how Mormon she was!

Well, after BYU, Sinema really went off the rails on a crazy train.  Only a few years after obeying the honor code and flirting with RM's, she was caught dancing in a "pagan spiral" in Miami Florida as part of some hippie anti-war protest.

She supports world disarmament.  She wanted to put Osama Bin Laden on trial, instead of treating him as a military combatant.  She said that stay-at-home-moms were "leeching" off of their husbands.  She calls herself a feminist and she's always babbling about the rights of the LGBT community.

Watch this video:

Isn't she crazy?!

I wish I had accurate statistics for where people go once they leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  From the few people I've known in real life, it seems like most of them go atheist or agnostic.  None of them have gone quite so far as Sinema has, but you know, it's a slippery slope.

It seems like most ex-Mormons look for liberal causes to support, or they start adopting liberal views, at least on the social issues like gay marriage and abortion.  Really, it seems like most ex-Mormons start caring a little too much about the environment.

If you leave the Church, you might turn out like Kyrsten Sinema.  Sure, she's attractive, and her rhetoric may be convincing, but do not fall prey to her siren song!  She's wrong!

If you stay LDS, you're more likely to remain true to the cause of righteousness like United States Senator Mike Lee.

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