Sunday, February 22, 2015

# 60: Mormons Actually Go To Church

A new survey just came out that shows that Utah leads the nation in people attending weekly worship services.  Here's the survey.  Obviously, Utah holds the record for church attendance because there are so many Mormons who live there.

It's nice to belong to a religion in which it's the norm to take it seriously.  Too many other Christian denominations these days are suffering from a lack of interest.  I've seen some of this first-hand.  So many of the non-members I grew up will say, if they're asked, that they are Christian, but then they never go to Church.  I saw a church marquee once that said, "What difference does it make which church you belong to if you never go?"  And I thought that was a good point.

The LDS Church has its own fair share of inactive, lukewarm members, but I feel like in the LDS Church there is a bigger ongoing effort to reactivate less active members than in other denominations.

Christ instructs his followers to take the gospel seriously.  He asks people to drop everything and follow Him.  How can we follow Christ today?  He's not personally here to tell us specially how to follow him.  Well, I think the least we can do is make an effort in attending weekly meetings.

(In other news, Utah also leads the nation in depression.  Uh... since this is a blog mostly focused on the positive aspects of Mormondom, all I'll say about that is... the Church has room for improvement.)

If you stay LDS, you'll be in the company of people who take their religion seriously, who strive to follow Christ's teachings, and who actually go to church.

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