Wednesday, November 20, 2013

# 8: They'll Fix Your Sink

And they'll fix your car, and they'll help you move, and they'll lend you tools, and they'll bring you casserole when you have a baby, and they'll give you a ride somewhere, and they'll let you borrow a truck, and they'll babysit your kids... all for free!  And by "they" I mean the friendly members of your local ward.

If you form friendships with the people you go to church with, and you politely ask them to help you with things around the house, they will most likely say yes and do all sorts of nice things for you.  Who doesn't like having nice things done for them?

In every ward, there are usually people with knowledge of electricity, plumbing, auto mechanics, and etc.  If you make friends with them, you can have them help you out.  Generally speaking, Mormons are helpful, friendly, honest people who are eager to offer service.  Take advantage of this community you're a part of by letting people help you.

Think of your ward list as a list of nice people who will do stuff for you.  Contact your home teachers first.  Remember, they usually end their visits with, "Is there anything we can do for you?" Why not let them serve you?  Try not to bug the Bishop about little things you want help with, though.  Bishops are really busy.

Now, I am not advocating that you exploit Church relationships for free labor.  You'll quickly run out of friends if all you do is ask them to do stuff for you.  As a rule of thumb, pay for any labor that takes more than an hour. But even if you pay ward members for service, at least you know you're dealing with honest people.  If you pick up the phone book or do an Internet search for "plumber" or "handyman," and hire a random person, who knows what kind of riffraff you'll be letting into your home and into your wallet?

Doesn't it feel good to get free stuff from caring fellow church-goers?  Allow them to serve you.  Be grateful for their help.

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