Tuesday, November 5, 2013

# 3: My Sister's Dream

I grew up in a conservative LDS household. My parents did their best to instill in their children Mormon teachings and Mormon values.  Nevertheless, one of my sisters, when she was a teenager, went astray.  She experimented with drugs and sex, and she became a vegetarian and dressed like a hippie.  She told everyone she didn't really believe in the Church anymore, becuase there were so many religions out there, and what are the chances that the Mormon Church was the right one? 

All the while she was away from the church, which was about 7 years, she was still a good person with a loving heart and an accepting attitude.  She married outside the faith and had a son.  Then she started having a dream.

In the dream, she was lost inside of a big building, crowded with people.  The lighting was bad, and she couldn't find a way out.  She felt distressed, and she wanted to leave, and everyone was wandering around aimlessely, and all these strangers weren't communicating with each other.  It was a bad, dark feeling, and she wanted desperately to get out.  But she couldn't.  And that's where the dream ended.

A few months went by, and she had the dream again.

A few more months went by, and she had the dream again.

My sister said she had this recurring dream every few weeks or months for a year or more.  Each time, she woke up with a bad, bewildered feeling.

Gradually, things began to change in her life.  Maybe it was having a son that got her thinking about eternal, weighty matters.  Maybe it was the people or situations that came into her life. Maybe it was the Holy Ghost.  Whatever it was, my sister decided to go back to church.

On the night of the first day she went back to church, she had the same dream again.  Only this time, it ended differently.

This time, she found a door, and the door opened.  Warm light emanated from the doorway.  The light felt welcoming, soothing, and wonderful.  My sister went inside the light, left the dark crowded building, and that was the last time she ever had that dream. 

I believe that God communicates to us in mysterious ways.  I believe that God communicated to my sister through a dream.  I believe that God guided my sister back to the church that she was raised in, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

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  1. thanks for your blog. Im finding this really helpful right now, reading through many of your old posts. Im in the same kind of place you describe with a very shaken testimony but a strong desire to stay.